Dairy Cattle

FOR SALE 400 Cow Dairy Herd 30,801 Rolling Herd Average 3.73% Fat - 3% Protein Modern Dairy Setup George Auction Service 608-882-6123 deangeorge@litewire.net


Herd of 60 Hosting Cows FOR SALE. Official tests. 2X 27,750M 1,066F. Call 920-659-2253


Wanted: Herds of Cows; Open, Bred & Springing Heifers. 920-371-3400 Check out our website seidldairycattle.com


Wanted: Organic cull cows, steers & bulls, certified buyer. 920-371-0282


WANTEDTO BUY: Complete herds of dairy cattle. Also will buy Heifers & Steers. 715-216-1897